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Chassis No: PA0382, Engine No: 634AP, Date delivered: 17.03.1934. Orig.Reg: YG8043 Body Colour: black Upholstry Colour: Green (Collingburn) Wheel Colour: Alloy Matching Number`s Restoration Project for 7 years in late 80`s early 90`s as close to Original, carried out by myself! Radiator shell and Headlamps keeps still have their original chrome finish. P-Type is still in use from time to time and has nice Patina now! Multiple Pride of Ownership winner! Documents: Orig.Registration Book (GB);Copies of Chassis-File until late1938; Swiss Car-Document Probably the most perfect P-Type on the market nowadays! (this is not only my idea). For question and more please email Ueli Gygax

Price 40,000 GBP or near offer

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