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1935/36 MG NB Magnette 6 cylinder, Sports – Chassis #0928 This stunning N Type is listed as number 3217 with the Triple M Register. All numbers match the MG Heritage Certificate, which confirms originality. Since restoration, recognised with various national class wins and local awards. * First purchased on 14 July 1936 in the U.K. then crossed to the U.S.A. many correct, new/old parts collected there and stored for restoration. * December 2011 imported to Western Australia as a ‘basket-case’. During 2012/13 full restoration was completed. * New leather interior. New wet-weather equipment. * 6-cylinder overhead camshaft, original ‘twin breather’ engine numbered 164 was overhauled by Abington Classics, U.S.A. - fitted in 2013. New, high-ratio crown wheel and pinion fitted to the differential with speedometer calibrated to suit. All gauges overhauled by John Marks in the U.K. We believe the car was stored in un-roadworthy condition with 4 previous owners, thus few road miles have been traveled since the 1970s. Although N Type MGs are especially popular, they are now particularly scarce. Elegant styling, comfort and reliability come together in this classic MG sports model from the ‘art deco’ era, with extra horse-power especially suitable for touring the countryside at leisure and giving others a reason to smile, as you pass by. We believe only 39 NB Models (2 & 4 seaters), are known world-wide to have survived and ~ this car is a very rare example. The NB model was powered by the last of the 6-cylinder overhead cam engines produced – a true thoroughbred, perfected by successful racing experience. History records "Magnette N Types have an engine primarily designed for racing and, to stand up to all the stresses that implies, with a performance to match, that lifts it out the ordinary. It is a real enthusiast’s car throughout." Since 1965 when it left England for Detroit, only 8 owners are known to have been custodians for this splendid MG – a delight to drive and enjoy.

Price 80,000GBP