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This 1934 MG P type is probably one of the best restored examples of the mark in the UK and possibly the world. A claim that is probably ringing in the ears of the cognoscenti in the world of MGs. It is, obviously subjective, however, and a claim that can only be confirmed by detailed inspection. It comes complete with all weather equipment. Let me explain my reasoning behind these words. I have been a motor car enthusiast all my adult life with a history of private car ownership and maintenance of many vehicles, including restoration. I have also won a car national concurs event; so I know what makes a winner. This car has to be seen to be believed. It is the MG that I always wanted. However, since purchasing this particular car, I have found that it really is far too good for me. It is a museum piece. “NOT SO !” you say, "Use it!". Well, I would love to use it, but being new to pre-WWII cars means that I must have a local MG specialist who can afford me support and advice to maintain it. Sad though it is, I am now unable to carry out such work. Living in West London also means that most pre-WWII MG specialists are over 70 miles from me. This is too far for me to drive the car. So, do I just keep it clean and tidy it in the garage or give somebody of lesser years the chance to experience the dream. The answer is that it is for sale and it should go to new home. For further details on the car please email me at

Price 57,000 GBP