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 Tyre age.
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Bruce Sutherland

United Kingdom
959 Posts

Posted - 11/02/2019 :  23:57:44  Show Profile
Is there a view/advice about the recommended age of tyres for road or track use fitted to Triple-M cars?

Reference: The Caravan and Motorhome Club advice:
" However, two ... factors can make them deteriorate in a different way, even with careful use.

*All tyres age and deteriorate due to exposure to sunlight and atmosphere, even if not used.

*Being stored for long periods of the year without use can put undue strain on one particular part of the tyre.

*It should go without saying that tyres which are damaged or worn to the legal minimum tread depth must be replaced immediately.
*Tyres need regular replacement, irrespective of their visual appearance. We recommend that you replace your caravan tyres when they reach five years old and should never be used when more than seven years old.

*If your tyres need a high inflation pressure (50 psi or more), you should check regularly for signs of deterioration from three years old and should not be used when they reach five years.

*Remember Ė the tyres age starts from when it was made, not from when it was fitted."

Should not this advice hold true for all tyres .... including those with inner tubes? ........ please discuss.

Bruce. (PB0564)

Edited by - Bruce Sutherland on 11/02/2019 23:59:31


406 Posts

Posted - 12/02/2019 :  00:26:58  Show Profile
Hello Bruce

My son is with Bridgestone/Firestone Corp. here is their recommendations

Brian W Sullivan
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Blue M

United Kingdom
816 Posts

Posted - 12/02/2019 :  07:46:29  Show Profile
I think the FIA recommended tyres are changed every five years even if the tread was good. Don't think anyone does it though.
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Blue M

United Kingdom
816 Posts

Posted - 12/02/2019 :  07:55:19  Show Profile
Thank you Brian. Very interesting. Of course if we all changed our tyres more frequently the used tyre problem would grow even worse.
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Ian Bowers

United Kingdom
515 Posts

Posted - 12/02/2019 :  09:45:56  Show Profile
Counting the dead casings seen on the verges (usually) on a motorway journey can be a way of keeping the kids entertained; the numbers per mile can be surprisingly high. The great majority appear to be commercial vehicles and appear to have delaminated.

So, it would appear to be a real problem with modern traffic loads and speeds. It is difficult to extrapolate from this to modern tyre materials when used for the loadings of pre-war vehicles.

Are there any helpful anecdotes for the form and occurrence of structural failure in our style of tubed tyres?

Ian Bowers
OD 6791
J3 3772
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Simon Johnston

United Kingdom
3005 Posts

Posted - 12/02/2019 :  11:46:27  Show Profile
The answer, of course, is to use our cars more! Iíve done about 12,000 miles on a set of Blockleys over a five/six year period which has just about worn them out. So the tyres need replaced even if they arenít aged. The spare, however, has never been used but Iíll keep it until the next tyre change in another five or six years. Iím sure it will suffice, if need be, to limp safely to a tyre repair shop.

Simon J
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United Kingdom
969 Posts

Posted - 12/02/2019 :  14:16:17  Show Profile
After 3 seasons, racing only so pretty low mileage, but hard abuse! Time to replace Blockleys. I guess it depends how you drive!

I replace inners when I replace Tyres.

Mark Dolton

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David R

United Kingdom
240 Posts

Posted - 14/02/2019 :  12:05:28  Show Profile
The J2 had Dunlops on it when I bought it in 2005,and they had very little wear as the previous owner had rarely used the car and merely polished it in his garage next to his Ferrari! I suspect they might have been about 5 years old then. However,in 2016 they started to crack on the sidewalls (although they still had plenty of tread) and I replaced them with Excelsiors from Longstone Tyres,which are very similar to Blockleys and handle well. I think the Dunlops had only done about 4,000 miles in total.

The Austin 7 has Avons fitted which I put on in about 1996. I check them regularly and they have no sidewall cracking and still have plenty of tread. They have done about 8,000 miles but obviously at Austin 7 speeds.


J 3355
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Tony Dolton

United Kingdom
211 Posts

Posted - 14/02/2019 :  13:58:19  Show Profile
Everybody worries too much. Our PA has Dunlops which were stored from new(wrapped up in the dark)for at least 20 years. There are a few signs of side wall cracking but nothing like as bad as tyres I used to use 50yrs ago!
The car handles well in both dry and wet conditions and given the car does less than 1k miles a year I'm certainly not chucking the tyres away. Costs 2 quid each to get the local tip to take them.....good for another 20yrs ,plenty of patina by then.Tony
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