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It comprises of Complete chassis with hand brake, Complete front axle and back axle with diff, Stub axles, Full set of brakes, Complete radiator and shell, Complete j2 head all complete never been dismantled, Block and bottom end I have a m type block with is very easily, altered into a j block complete with crank and rods, Full set of j2 engine mounts front and back, Complete clutch and flywheel, Correct complete j2 gearbox, Complete j2 windscreen and stanchions, Full set of 4 front cycle wing j2 stanchions, Rear j2 cycle wing Stanchion bracket, Full set of j2 instruments, Early speedometer, Ammeter, Oil gauge, Lamp switch, Pair of Lucas head lamps, Side lamps, Correct j2 marles weller steering box, Prop shaft and prop shaft tunnel, Correct cjf cut out, Brake pedal, Complete accelerator shaft with fittings, Dynamo, Starter motor, Carb manifold, Exhaust manifold, Water manifold, Correct j2 door locks.

Price 12,500GBP