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I have decided, albeit with a heavy heart, to sell my D Type and allow a more capable person than I to finish the car off and enjoy it. The front apron is new and unpainted as you can see, as the older one fell off and was very badly damaged. The MG bolt holding it on was loose and it all came apart. Quite a dramatic moment in fact as I was being followed by a Lamborghini at the time who had no choice but to drive over it! I bought the car as a rolling chassis from Barry Walker in 1986 as a project for my father and I when at that time he had just retired. My father was a flight engineer on Stirling bombers during the war and made a subsequent career in the motor trade as mechanic and eventually the service director of a large chain of garages in Bromley. He was a fine engineer and we restored the rolling chassis and rebuilt the engine and gearbox ourselves to the extent that you could actually drive it down the private road I used to live in with a temporary seat and a small lawn mower petrol tank. The car then went to a local restorer in Dunton Green. We had the body made by John Bevan and as the bonnet and wings came with the car as part of the bits bin the car was put together as you see it now. I have not finished putting the leather in the interior and the hood frame very splendidly made for me by Chris Blood has so far not been fitted. The front wings need some attention as the paint has lifted in a couple of areas due to the stress on the wings as they move slightly at speed. The car has now covered just over 3500 miles in the last 15 years and my recent MOT certificate gives proof that I have really only used the car for a few miles each year just to drive to the pub and back and enjoy those happy waves from passers-by! I will sell the car just as it is with the new steering wheel and Midge mascot and its registration number. I have a full history of the build with photographs and some history of the car itself. It was sold originally to a Geoff Taylor in Manchester. It is I think the second car built with the slightly longer chassis.

Price Offers around 20,000 GBP