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After nearly 50 years of ownership I have come to the time in my life when I need to sale my L2, L2041. Although not completely original I have tried to modify in a way similar to that which may have been carried out in the thirties. Currently the car is fitted with an N-type engine. This was done because when I bought the car all those years ago the crank was badly damaged and it was easier to exchange one engine for the other. I still have the L-type engine which came with the car. Ten years ago the car passed through Andy King’s workshops when major restoration was under taken to the bodywork and cockpit together with other work as required, e.g. the re-chroming of the windscreen and repair of the radiator. Non standard parts are N-type side lights fitted with twin filament bulbs and a MGB overdrive unit which operates on all 4 gears and also an electric fan. Currently the steering box is being overhauled by Mike Dowley. It is fitted with a new hood and side screens. The only recent claim to fame the car has is that it was used by the MacGregor brothers in the BBC documentary “Bomber Boys”. However I have a photograph showing the car being used in a hill climb in the 1930’s. The car cannot be regarded as concours as I have tried to use it as much as possible. The best one can say is that it is well used although it still manages to be given the odd award or two. Contact John Rogers

Price 85,000 GBP or very near offer