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This sale, on behalf of a deceased MGCC member, presents a rare opportunity to acquire a dismantled original MG J2 with a comprehensive collection of the essential parts to upgrade to J4 specification. These parts include a new Marshall A75 supercharger, with carburettor and manifolding, ENV manual cross tube mounted gearbox, Bishop Cam steering, 12" brakes, oil tank, KiGass pump, steel cased differential, J4 blower cowl and lightened clutch/ flywheel. The car benefits from a new radiator and shell, new sump with oil top-up chamber and lowering plate, new cylinder block, unused counterbalanced crankshaft (believed to be Laystall), Carrillo connecting rods, new pistons, new road springs and brake cables. There is a new wooden body kit with J4 modifications, bonnet parts, new cycle wings and aeroscreens. The car is Triple-M registered and complete with V5c and other documentation dating from 1965. Located in Manchester area. Please ring 01244 851605 for arrangements to view. Apologies for poor photography, which is illustrative only and not complete.

Price 27,000 GBP ono