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J2542 was first registered in May '33 - it retains the original bonnet and chassis plate but the engine, although correct, is not THE original unit, but does feature bronze/brass carburettor float chambers. Originally a cycle wing car, it was 'modernised' around 1950 with swept wings, hydraulic s/absorbers and hydraulic brakes (retaining the original 8" drums), and is now in something of a timewarp condition having had little major work over the next 65 years in the same ownership. Having been totally dormant for the last 7-8 years it has recently had some much needed refurbishment including the following :- new vertical drive bearing and modern oil seals, rebuilt dynamo, stainless water jacket plates, complete new wiring loom with provision for flashers (not fitted), new fuel pump, coil, leads, hoses, exhaust, floorboards and dashboard. Also diode fitted to overcome faulty cut-out and restore charging, and brakes relined and all seals replaced. The body is sound and completely rust free but the paint and chrome work, although very respectable, are not in 'concours' condition. Interior is trimmed in red rexine material - in excellent condition but not entirely original style, the petrol tank also not the normal J2 version but does not look out of place and has been an integral part of the car for many decades.

Price 26,000 GBP o.n.o.