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Restored rolling chassis, with old but unused 3.50/4.00 tyres on black painted wheels. The body has had the wood restored some years ago and needs re-skinning of the body sides – the original steel panels are present for rear of tub & scuttle top, although needing minor repairs. New doors have been partly made – ash frames with plywood panels – these need finishing & skinning. New full rear wings are there, but no fronts. Other body parts include the engine undertray, propshaft tunnel and some interior plywood; standard wing stays/headlamp mounts, valences, front apron, spare wheel carrier, original fuel tank. Other items include new/rechromed windscreen stanchions – main parts of frame will need rechroming – then this can be assembled with new glass. Also door locks, strikers & hinges. There is a replacement dash board, and main instruments (rev counter, odometer, ammeter, oil pressure gauge) in restored condition. There are a pair of vinyl covered bucket seats. The original hood & sidescreens are present – probably only suitable as patterns. Hood frame for restoration. Mechanically, the bottom half of the engine is together – it has had the bearings re-metalled, has a Laystall crank, with original con-rods. The cylinder head has been welded to repair cracked/eroded valve seat areas, some machining is needed to finish this. There is an original camshaft, a full set of new rockers, rocker shafts, new head studs, new bronze valve guides, new valves. As far as I am aware, all other parts to assemble the engine. The original honeycomb radiator has been restored, the radiator shell and headlight parts have been re-chromed and one reflector re-silvered – the other has been lost. Also, the radiator nosepiece, one reflector and the headlight fittings have been lost (there are the bowls, the rims and one reflector – missing the mounting bases and rim fixings). There is a pair of sidelights in need of restoration, along with a pair of old D-tail lights. Other electrical equipment is present (dynamo, cut-out, starter motor – which appear in good order) – bit short of switch-gear – there is a horn button, but I don’t think it is correct. Original steering wheel needs to be restored or replaced (rim is not really attached to spokes and the boss is broken. Original carbs & manifolds are there, along with a Lucas magneto (no distributor). As far as I can see, there is little that is not there – I believe I have all the brake components (and two spare drums), all the various stays and brackets around the engine bay. I have the guarantee plate, together with the original Instruction Book and Preliminary Instruction Folder (containing Instruction Summary card, Oil Charts, Factory Letter and MGCC application form - sadly unused!). Car is registered in my name (on V5C) and I also have the last buff logbook. In short, the car is pretty much complete - all the major bits are there – many restored or usable. The engine needs proper assembly, the cylinder head needs a bit of machining after some welding and then assembly. Then the rest of the car needs to be assembled – one significant area missing is the interior.

Price 19,950 GBP