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J2 Chassis No. 3333. Triple M Register No. 3526. This car was found in a barn in the Northeast in the mid 2000s. For a project J2, I've never seen a more complete example. I purchased it and took possession around 2009. It is currently located in South Florida. The pictures included show the car "as Is" The engine and gearbox are currently out of the car. They were removed for inspection and, although partially disassembled, the engine is complete and intact including the original crankshaft which appears to be in good shape (see picture) as are the rods and pistons. There are a few nuts and bolts missing from the engine and the side plates are not original. Two NOS S.U. carbs are included along with the receipt from the 60s when purchased new. The Dynamo is present. The starter is newly refurbished. The gearbox is in very good condition but does have some typical spline wear on the input shaft. Clutch is complete and still attached to the flywheel. The gearbox remote is excellent. A new exhaust system with silencer is also included. The chassis had apparently been the subject of a restoration before the car was put away for 40 or more years. It is very clean (if a bit dusty) and has new bits of hardware here and there. The car was converted to 9 inch hydraulic brakes at some point. (See picture) They appear to be Wolseley, and I'm told that this is a fairly common conversion and quite good in this application, improving braking considerably. The diff is excellent. There are 5 serviceable wheels that need restoring. The old tires hold air (for a while). The body is in reasonably good condition, but the wood frame needs some attention along the sills where some bits are missing and upward about 10 inches (at the most) around the doors, which are in excellent condition, complete with hardware. All other wood seems very good and the original body number is stamped in the correct place. A bit of the tub skin was professionally replaced at some time during its life on the left side scuttle and below the left door. The tank is apparently a replacement that is in decent condition and sports a Benora cap. The spare tire hardware is complete, along with weather gear, hood framework and windscreen with hardware, but no wiper gear. The bonnet is in excellent condition with the correct car number stamped in the hinge. The Radiator is excellent with the shell needing some attention (minor dents), but not bad. The dashboard is a replacement and not well done. Since the pictures were taken, I have removed it, but still have it. The speedometer appears to be original and seems to work. Other gauges and switch gear need replacement or refurbished. The seat bottoms and back have been re-covered in tan leather. The door cards can be recovered or used as excellent patterns. The pictures show the car with 2 different front wings. The black wings are included. The primer painted front wings are not J2. If anyone knows what they are, I'd like to know! I believe the above description to be accurate and would gladly discuss any other concerns with anyone interested.

Price Offers around 14,900 USD