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Car No. 2M1281 of 3,235 built from 1929 to 1932. The car is recorded in the factory records as receiving a final road test on March 27, 1930, and was first purchased on June 4, 1930. A 1929 MG M-Type was advertised for sale in the October 1965 issue of Road and Track for the princely sum of 435 pounds sterling plus freight to the USA. Putting the price in perspective, in 1965 a new MG Midget could be had for about 750 pounds sterling. On September 26, 1965, an American man agreed to purchase the car and have it shipped to Los Angeles. Delays occurred in shipping the car and it did not arrive in Los Angeles until late December 1965. The buyer bought car no. M1281 whereas the car received appeared to be M-Type No. M1211 according to the I/D plate on the car body. The chassis number stamped into the driver side front dumb iron is correct i.e. M1281; and the correct original engine No.1068A is still installed. The car was apparently placed into storage where it remained for the next 42 years. Incidentally, the body I/D plate bearing the number M1211has one corner missing, I assume it is from another car. In 2007 the present owner purchased the car and it has again remained stored in a garage with other cars. After 54 years or more of storage it is time to restore the car in time for the 100th anniversary of the MG Car Company in 2028. All historical documents including an original copy of the October 1965 issue of Road and Track and copies of the original factory records are included in the sale of the MG M-Type. There is also a “British Registration Book For A Mechanically Propelled Road Vehicle” issued October 14, 1952 in Norfolk. The book shows there were five changes in ownership of the MG over the following 16 years before it’s acquisition by the then seller. The MG was last registered in California in the current owner’s name. The engine turns over on the starting handle, the camshaft and valves can be observed to operate. No attempt has been made to start the engine while in my possession. An incomplete original 1.0”dia. SU carburetor is installed at present, an identical carburetor in better condition is included in the sale. The gearbox would originally have been a three speed unit. The car as bought has what is probably a later Morris or Austin 4 speed gearbox although it is not connected to the engine. The original gearbox was never in my possession but the 4-speed was a common modification. The original foot pedal layout of clutch on the left, throttle in the center and brake on right is unchanged. This layout was preferred for “Heel and Toe” gear changes at the time. This layout can be changed to the more conventional arrangement of today. The body is a wood framed structure, covered with Rexine cloth (artificial leather) and painted. A previous owner installed sheet metal in the area in front of the doors and over the top of the scuttle. This should be returned to the original plywood/rexine during restoration. The car does have a spare wheel, a hood frame, and the remnants of a hood to be used as a pattern to make a replacement if required. At some time the car’s life, a previous owner fitted semaphore type turn signal indicators to the sides of the scuttle. (Also known as “Trafficators” in the UK). Also the original front fenders were fixed cycle type, on wet roads water could spray over the car when cornering. The front fenders on this MG may have been “modified” to prevent that from happening, although I have seen pictures of other (later?) M-Types, with similar fenders. The MG was registered in California and is currently registered in Georgia. Many engine, gearbox and other parts are available from sources such as The MG Automobile Company in Bicester, England, and there is much support to be had from the MG Car Club, Ltd and on-line.

Price 12,000 USD or near offer