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Excellent PA chassis PA0358. Very little corrosion and at a glance appears straight and true. Rear trunnion outriggers replaced. Front axle beam with stub axles and hubs. Steering rods and track control arms. Rear axle banjo with hubs and half shafts. Good 8:43 diff. Complete set 12" brakes with new shoes and linings. All cams and levers present. Brake cross-shaft. Front and rear road springs. Front spring trunnion boxes. Marles Weller steering box with drop arm and 3-spoke steering wheel. 4 Road wheels. 99% Complete PA engine 1595A 135P. The indications are that the engine has done little or no work since a major overhaul. I have had the head off and on a cursory inspection everything looks very good. Block is linered and bored to +020. Virtually no carbon deposit. White metal and crank journals look excellent (No 4 big end only split for inspection purposes). PA gearbox with nice remote. There are 2 rad shells - one grotty, the other less so. No rad core but I do have top and bottom tanks which are not presently with the car. There is a standard P-type bonnet which is in fair condition. Power bulge added to o/s. Other spares I am still sorting and sifting and various small items have yet to come to light e.g. bonnet catches. Everything is loosely assembled for storage/transportation purposes. Note:- I have no documentation with this car. I have recently submitted details to the Register and my understanding is that it can now be included in the list of surviving cars. Once the vehicle has been rebuilt, it should be straightforward to obtain an age related registration number in the event of the original number being unrecoverable. This is an ideal project for anyone wanting to build a competition car (which was my original intention, but my plans have changed as they frequently seem to do these days!).

Price 10,750 GBP