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Iím selling this on behalf of my father who recently passed away. It is a car he bought as a refurbishment project a few years ago - the car is now partially refurbished. The car was owned by the previous owner since 1965 and taken apart for refurbishment in the 80s, this was never completed and the car remained in pieces until sold on a few years ago. Chassis number 2M3337, reg GW8590. As far as Iím aware this is a complete car in pieces with the chassis and engine refurbished and re-assembled. Details of refurbishment I know have been completed include: Chassis has been paint stripped, rustproof coated and re-painted with black coach paint. Crankshaft and pistons have been reassembled with good bearing shells and piston rings. Cylinder head fitted with all valves sorted. Overhead camshaft rockers, dynamo and starter motor have been refurbished.

Price 12,000 GBP or near offer