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We are offering here our MG F1 for sale. The history of the car is known to us since the 80s. We've owned the car since the late 1990s and have experienced a lot. The car began life as a salonette, but was rebuilt in the middle of the 40s to a 4 seater roadster, because the structure was bad. We still have original photos of the first owner when he was traveling on his honeymoon. The car is complete. The engine is currently disassembled because the sump was broken and lost oil. In the course of this, I disassembled the engine and saw that the connecting rod bearings and main bearings were no longer the best. The crankshaft and connecting rods have already been reworked and the bearings re-cast. These parts are still stored at the company Köster, which is very well known. The engine has no cracks or leaks. It still has to be bored and fitted with new pistons. The cylinder head is still completely together. Transmission and differential have worked great. The rims were blasted and powdered black. This is a manageable project, which does not require too much work. If you have any questions or need more photos, please contact us. Thanks for your interest, Beate Neumann from Germany

Price 25,500 GBP (ovno)