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Where to start…so here goes. Fully restored perfect chassis, engine bottom half from famous K3, and dry decked, head cam and valves from Baynton Jones. New old stock Marshall 85 supercharger with new HV8 carburettor. Angle drive and magneto all fitted and working perfectly. Pre-selector gearbox large type rebuilt by Tom Dark. Back axle all rebuilt to K3 spec with correct rebuilt diff, again by Tom Dark. Nickel plated K3 front axle with split track steering. Brakes to K3 spec, big drums cable operated. Complete K3 radiator and shell from Dave Cooksey . Full set of correct Patrick Henry instruments including Telegauges, and the small pump for priming them (don’t see that very often), plus a small speedometer calibrated to the wheels and gearbox. 5 K3 wire wheel from MWS, were made on special order to the original K3 spoke pattern. All new suspension and dampers. Bulkhead oil tank. At the moment the MG is with Steve Gilbert having one of his slab tank ash framed K3 style ally bodies fitted. MG is on the MMM register and has been for many years. So what’s to do, obviously will need to be painted and trimmed once Steve has finished the body, the instruments will need fitting, the steering column / box needs sorting out once the dash position is known, but I have all the parts in perfect condition plus a long piece of stainless tube of the correct diameter. Windscreen or aeroscreens will be needed as well and complete set of lights. Need to sell because it won’t be finished before Brexit, and next year it will be very difficult to register where I live in Luxembourg. Probably missed lots out so give me a call or drop me a mail if you are interested.

Price 82,500 GBP ono