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MG J1 chassis number J0369 Registration Mark: OJ 5185. The car was removed from a collapsed garage in 1969, the body of the car had been wrecked from the falling roof, however the chassis and running gear were all intact (and driven up and down the road). The car was stripped ready for restoration and eventually sold to a friend of mine (as a retirement project), who started collecting various parts with the intention of rebuilding the car as a J2. A complete new body was ordered from Steve Gilbert. I purchased the car from Lech in December 2013 and have made only a little progress with the rebuild but have acquired more parts to complete the car, such that everything is there (I have photographed the majority of these parts, which are available) a summary is: Chassis Soda blasted, all superfluous holes welded and professional painting in black two pack. Springs Refurbished by Jones Springs (using original leaves where possible), trial fitted to chassis with new trunnions and rubber covers. Rear Axle Casing Blasted and repainted. Differential Refurbished (supplied by Barry Walker) Front Axle Blasted and repainted. Brakes Back Plates blasted, welded and painted. New parts ready to assemble. Radiator Refurbished by CPA Services. Engine Stripped. Block has been rough machined. Propshaft New UJ Type. Dynamo Refurbished. Starter Motor Refurbished. Carburettors Pair SU Refurbished. Firewall New and original to identify holes. Headlights Pair of 'New' Lucas Rotax units, with Brass Body. Body: All from Gilbert Restorations. J2 Steel Body. Fuel Tank Stainless Steel ( Flat ). Cycle Wings 4 off. Side Valances 2 off. Front Apron. Prop-shaft Tunnel. Complete Bonnet. Rain Channel. Dash Panel Turned Alloy. Early J2 Windscreen Frame. Seats New Collingburn Set. Asking price may appear to be high but represents the actual amount already invested in the project and will allow the construction of a superb example of a J2, I have just not made enough progress, so it is time to let someone else complete the project. As mentioned above I can send photos of all the components to show the extent of the parts in the boxes. Contact Paul Dunster by email.

Price 25,000 GBP