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A Class H Triple-M record attempt car built in the best of MG traditions using the Abingdon Parts Bins. Follow in the footsteps of Goldie Gardner and George Eyston and attack 8 National and 3 International Records all achievable in the UK. The car is virtually brand new based on a new C Type chassis frame supported on a T/N front axle with two leading shoe hydraulic brakes and alfin type drums. The back axle incorporates 80 ton half shafts and a limited slip differential. The engine is 746 cc capacity fitted with a Phoenix crankshaft, Carrillo connecting rods and forged pistons. The cylinder head is a special casting and following a lot of development the air flow through the valved ports is shown to produce over 200 BHP per litre. Transmission is via a diaphragm clutch and 4 speed gearbox with new close ratio gears. Vertical drive to the camshaft is by a special splined drive. The project is available due to the owner’s terminal illness and is at a stage where the car could be completed as a sprint / racing car should the record attempt not appeal. Further information is available by email from Bob Milton

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