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MG PA from 1934 (PA/1403). This is a re-creation of the Don Moore PA Special. Built from scratch 10-15 years ago from a collection of spare parts gathered over many years from a variety of sources. Don Moore had several "Triple-M" MGs, including a PA, which he prepared in a unique way. He developed and built a special body to reduce the weight. The engine (847 cc) has 2 SU carburetors and has been stripped of unnecessary weight, as much as possible. It is wonderful to see, in the many old photos, that Don Moore was a good driver and that his MG often outdid many other cars. This PA was restored in the 1990s after the original "Don Moore body frame" was rediscovered. After that , the car was raced a few times. All this is extensively documented. Now this pre-war MG has a Dutch registration. A unique MG with a very beautiful history. Ref: Triple M yearbook 2004.

Price 69,000 Euros