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1933 MG J1 Tourer, “Beatrix”. Beatrix was a barn find discovered in the UK in 1996. Apparently after the War she was brush painted red over her original grey. In her red paint she was banged around for decades as a racer -- then left for the chickens. After arriving in the US she was fully restored over a 12 year period by many different hands. Most of the work was masterful, -- most -- is the key word here. She needed help when we bought her in 2018. Looking great but mechanically limping we brought her to South Carolina needing all new wiring, brakes, differential and a lot of TLC. Tom Metcalf of Safety Fast! Restorations in Ohio helped with the differential; we did the wiring, new dash and new shiny bits. The dash was crafted from 200+ year old English. Oak Burl to replicate the original. That took another 13 months. To mark her long journey back to solid restoration -- we dubbed her ‘Beatrix” -- a name, we’re told, derived from the word “voyager”. Registration: APC 401, Chassis Number: J0484, Engine Number: 1609 AJ, Number of cylinders: 4, CC: 847, Year of Manufacture: 1933, Register number MMM 2810. Price includes container Shipping; Savannah, GA. to Southampton, UK.

Price 55,000 USD