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MG PA OF 1935 2 SEATER COMPLETELY RESTORED. A wonderful black pre-war with blue leather interior, all completely redone. Vast historical documentation; Triple M records show that it was fitted with a compressor and that the dashboard is from the PB model thus equipped with more instrumentation because the car was used for races. The instrumentation is all working, including the petrol reserve control. In addition to the original registration document and the list of all previous owners, kept in a vintage suitcase, there is ample documentation of the car's whole life. The car is zero kilometres since the engine is new: new cylinder block, cylinder head, gaskets, pistons and con rods. All the big end bearings and con rod melt with white metal have been replaced. Water pump checked and stuffing box replaced. The stator, the bearings, the brushes (2 large and 1 small) in the dynamo are replaced and the amperage in exit is checked. The electrical system is new as well as the petrol pump and the battery. The chassis has been completely disassembled and put on a control bench to check the perfect alignment. All the metal parts have been sandblasted and given a coat of epoxy primer. The trunnions, the trunnion spacers and the dust seals of the leaf springs were all substituted. The body has been completely disassembled and the deteriorated metal parts replaced, keeping the original ones that were in good conditions. The firewall and its relative supports have been placed new and all the wooden parts have been replaced with the exception of the dashboard, which has been substituted the walnut parts. Hood (which maintains the original design with half-moon rear window), windows and tonneau cover in mohair are new. Inner upholstery in leatherette and leather seats both redone as the originals. Contact me by email or mobile +39 3357233173

Price 46,000 GBP or 53,000 Euros