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An opportunity to buy a really unique P-type. PA1728 started life as a 2-seater but had a 4-seater body fitted to it over 25 years ago, now available due to changed circumstances. Included are 4 new wheels and 5 new tyres, front wings/guards and running boards, hood bows, windscreen and supports, octagonal side lamps, reconditioned Starter Motor, Reconditioned Generator, new oil pump gears, Control box, 2 new rocker shafts, 8 new rocker bushes, new Water manifold alloy, Odometer, Rhombic panel, Rev counter, 12 brake set, many second hand parts, and an assembled new wood kit that includes foot wells and inner rear panels and new fuel tank. NZ Registration is on hold. There is a complete list of parts available.

Price 17,000 NZ$