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MG J2 - (J4189) built 18/10/1933 , first registered 03/11/1933 - UG 6762. Purchased by Mr J Pemberton who was very active in MGCC events. Competition history: 30/09/1934 - 1st in class 2 Rushmere Hill Climb. 30/09/1934 - 3rd in 850cc MG Class. 1935 - Rushmere Hill Climb - results unknown. 15/06/1935 - Middlesbrough & District M C Speed Trials - 1st in class. 02/05/1936 - Yorkshire SCC Speed Trials - 3rd in class. History from 1936 to 1965 unknown but a copy of the buff logbook since survives. The car was rebuilt, bright work re-plated and painted in the 1960's when the original engine was probably replaced with the present 'in period' Ford SV unit which features period exhaust and carb upgrades and up-rated hydraulic brakes. The car was then purchased by Norman Tyson a USAF fighter pilot and Vietnam war veteran in1972 when it was refurbished. He was stationed at RAF Woodbridge and as a nod to his WW2 predecessors drove to the various Air Bases throughout East Anglia. The car retains it's USAF base security clearance badge. In 1973 Norman was transferred to Brussels - hence the GB plate on the rear mudguard. His role in Belgium was that of demonstration pilot on the F16 aircraft sales team. He returned to California in 1974 where the car was registered as 33MGJ2. It then resided in his dry garage for 39 years before being purchased from Norman's widow and brought back to the UK in 2013. The car is in very original in 1960's time warp condition, retained where possible. Recent light refurbishment including rewiring and overhauling the dashboard and instruments plus new tyres etc. The car can be considered as a 'rolling restoration

Price 19,000 GBP ovno