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Regrettably, due to the demise of the owner, his beloved duo-green NB is now available and being sold on behalf of the estate. The owner enjoyed this four-seater classic touring car over many years, driving it regularly and maintaining its character and functionality. Mileage on clock 17687. Registration is authentic, suitably "MG": MG4844. NA 0923. General history of the NB: The MG N-type Magnette is a sports car that was produced by MG from October 1934 to 1936. The car was developed from the K-Type and L-Type but had a new chassis that broke away in design from the simple ladder type used on the earlier cars of the 1930s being wider at the rear than the front and with the body fitted to outriggers off the main frame. This model was the ultimate MG touring car before the cost-cutting of the Nuffield organisation took place. Purchased in Miss Hazel Forbes Richmond July 1936, Sold in 1947 to Captain Kimball of the US Army Corps serving in England, transported to California in 1951, mr Kimball gave the car to his Son-in-law ( William Edward Lackey) in the 1960ís, William Died in 1990, his wife sole the car to Nick Channing and shipped the car back to England, John Shute purchased the car for his collection before he passed away, Alan Hogg purchased the car in 1995 who completed a full restoration of the car back to its original former glory, Aubrey Paverd purchased the car in 2017 and toured the car with the MMM Register. As can be seen from the photos the car is in generally good order and the engine has recently been refreshed/checked over. Any inspection welcomed, please contact for exact location (West Midlands) and a time to visit. Paul Myatt, Wolverhamton, Staffordshire. Telephone 07748 114479

Price 82,000 GBP or near offer