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Regrettably, due to the demise of the owner, his beloved duo-grey P type is now available and being sold on behalf of the estate. The owner enjoyed the car over many years, driving it regularly and maintaining its character and functionality. MG PA (chassis number PA0330) Triple-M Register number 3448 with UK registration BKE103. General history of the P type Midget: it was launched in March 1934 as the replacement for the J2. It is well recognised that the P type had similarities with previous Magnas and Magnettes and its parentage derived from the M and J types. 'Autocar' magazine road tested the P type in November of that year and reported "This latest model is a marked improvement in all respects over its forerunners". Sales literature produced by Abingdon claimed, "In all there are over one hundred new and improved features". With good reports in the motoring press it was no surprise that the car sold well, with serious production starting at the end of January 1934; over two hundred cars a month were coming off the production lines. The P type was fitted with an all new 847cc engine, with three main bearings supporting the rigid crankshaft. As can be seen from the photos the car is in generally good order but there is noise from the bottom of the engine and priced accordingly.

Price 27,500 GBP Or near offer