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Trials history MG ND ex F.A.Thatcher, MG ND / JB 4161 / NA 0360 / Register 608. This is a very rare factory MG ND with a unusually well known history, being retained as a works factory demonstrator. This car was driven for example by J.E.S.Jones / F.A.Thatcher, the history files and documents are stored in the Triple-M register. Nuts and bolts-bare chassis/body complete restoration etc. It is believed that this ND was used as a factory test bed for the high-performance engines fitted to the NE type competed in the 35 Ulster TTs. Later on this ND, in the 37 and 38, participating extensively in the Brooklands trials. For the time being, I am in general interested in supercharged MGs, or MGs with conversion to K3 specification, so therefore my quest for such cars. The car incl. the original/actual DVLA registration JB4161 documents (The Registration Book 1941). There are a lot of spares that could be part of the deal. The ND is located in Belgium.

Price 70,000 Euros.