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K0434 is a pure hand-built tool-room copy of the MG K3 competition car, using its original ‘K’ components. Any unused original components of the car such as the engine etc have been retained with the car. K0434 had been disassembled for 20 years when I bought the car in 1996. The rebuild was performed in 2006 by John Hunting in Perth, taking over 1700 hours. The full providence of the car is known and it comes with the original U.K Registration Papers, number plates and the factory service records covering 1934-1947. The history of the car and of the rebuild are extensively documented in a published hardcover book with photographs and text, and a copy of the book comes with the car. [Google: MG Magnette K0434 by Michael Carr]. The car has a factory fitted high ratio pre-selector gearbox - the same as fitted in the K3 model. The existing block was damaged and replaced with a Peter Green (UK) 1420cc block, and at the same time an ’N’ head as used in the 1934 K3 model was installed. The car is supercharged and has ‘Phoenix' crank and rods, Cosworth pistons and a 25/65 Ulster style cam shaft. The car has the K3 specified BTH CE6 magneto ignition and an intake manifold as designed by Robin Jackson, the famed Brooklands engine tuner. The body tub was built by Steve Gilbert in the UK. The original factory fitted ‘Donald Sessions’ jacking system was reinstalled on the car. The car is in immaculate condition with low mileage and requires no additional work. The car is located in Sydney, Australia.

Price 350,000 AUD o.n.o.