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A 1932 MG F Type Magna Chassis No F1284 Engine No 1059AF MMM Register No 2132. This car was acquired from a scrapyard by the owner around 1958/1959 as a chassis and axles and very little else. It was thought to have been an F1 saloonette originally. Over the years it has undergone a lengthy rebuild as a special two seater with a door-less slab tanked cycle winged body. Apart from its non-original bodywork the car has been built up from standard MG F Type Parts. The chassis has been rebuilt to standard F2 specification with cable operated brakes and 12" drums. The drive train is all standard F type with an original F type engine and ENV gearbox. The engine has been modified to include an external multi branch straight through exhaust system. The car has been dry stored and has not run for a considerable time so would benefit from some light mechanical recommissioning. The car is currently located in the Sittingbourne area of Kent. For more information please make initial contact with Mike Bradbury by email.

Price Around 25,000 GBP