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D0289, Register number 2863. A bit of background information, 10 years ago a chap was making C-type bodies for various C-type owners using an original body as a template. He also made all the bits and pieces that are unique to the C type, copied from an original car. This was the source of the body and the special C-type parts for this project. The chassis is an original D type chassis and is fully UK Registered with V5C and a MG number plate. Some of the new parts; Rebuilt Shorrock supercharger with all inlet and outlet manifolds including the correct and brand new HV carburettor. All new body panels including a special under-tray, side panels, front Apron etc. Fully Rebuilt and correct steering column and steering wheel, a full set of correct and new rebuilt instruments and dashboard. Rebuilt Handbrake. Full set of 12in brakes, an accepted upgrade from the original 8in ones. New buckets seats. Original front and rear axles. Complete fully rebuilt engine with a new AB cylinder head. Fully rebuilt ENV gearbox, brand new special C-type radiator shell with stone guards. New quick release radiator and petrol / oil tank caps. 99% of parts are there. Final fettling, trimming and painting still to be done before commissioning. Please email me for more pictures. Thank you for your time and for looking at this amazing project.

Price 60,000 GBP