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This car is J2760, with its original engine 1435 AJ and gearbox, build date 23/11/1932, with the factory records. I have owned the car since the late 1960s when my father bought it for £50. It was stood on bricks in a front garden, the last letter in the records is 1946 so no history between those dates. I restored it and ran it while I was at Medical School in London but had to store it when work and family intervened. I retired in 2015 and started a full restoration, stripped down to the chassis and gradual working through components using Graham Howellís book. Everything was restored or replaced. Engine, gearbox, brakes, electrics, bearings. Wheels re-spoked (one is a modern replacement) and stove enamelled in red, fitted with Blockley tyres. I acquired one of the last Rique Llinares wooden tubs and it was skinned by Steve Gilbert, new bonnet, wings, stainless steel fuel tank, the chassis oiling system was replaced. So it is not the original body but everything else is unless found to be unrestorable. It took 4 years to complete. It starts and runs, I recently noticed that the ammeter is not showing a charge. The hood and side screens were rotted and not fitted but I have the hood frame and metal frames for the doors. All the bright work is original and has been re-chromed. I have photos and paper invoices for all the expenditure ( I havenít added it all up in case my wife sees it). The car was red when acquired but was black originally as it is now. New seats by Collingburn in grey rather than original red. It has LED lights and a trafficator system in the lamps. A diode replaces the third brush. I am selling because no one in my family can store it so if I depart it will be a nuisance and better someone who wants it enjoys it. Please contact Steve Green by email or mobile 07860 565341. The car is in Cumbria, NW England

Price 25,000 GBP ovno