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These guidelines are also published in the Document Download area and in the Register's annual printed listing of cars.


The Triple-M Register (The Register) is the section of the MG Car Club Ltd. (MGCC) catering for the overhead-camshaft Midget, Magna and Magnette models built from 1929 to 1936, hence Triple-M.

The objectives of the Register are:


To maintain a register ('The Register Listing') of surviving Triple-M cars, recording their history and other relevant information;
To encourage the restoration, maintenance and continuing use of Triple-M cars on the road and in competition;
To organise and assist others in organising competitive and social events;
To provide technical advice, and encourage the exchange of spare parts;
To make available copies of original Triple-M literature and other material from a library;
To publish a bi-monthly Bulletin;
To publish an annual Yearbook;
To maintain a web-site dedicated to Triple-M matters; and,
To co-operate with like minded Clubs and enthusiasts with the aim of fulfilling the objectives of the Register.
To embrace all Triple-M cars in whatever form and always respect the efforts and dedication of owners who preserve, restore and maintain them.


The Register Listing is a compilation of information kept for the Register's own purposes. It is maintained and published for general information only and the inclusion of a car or chassis does not confer authenticity. The Register Listing includes surviving complete cars and cars that contain only some components originally supplied by the MG Car Company. The inclusion or exclusion of any particular car or chassis is at the sole discretion of The Register Committee (the Committee). Although care is taken in accepting cars for inclusion in the Register Listing it is not possible to scrutinise every entry, nor is it possible to verify the accuracy of the information the Register receives to compile and update the Listing. Neither the Committee, nor the MGCC accepts any responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the information in the Listing.

Details of any Triple-M car or chassis to be added to the Register Listing, or the updating of information about a car already registered, should be submitted in writing to the Registrar using the 'Triple-M Registration and Update Form'. This form is available here as a download. Alternatively, registered members of the forum can register their car or update their information on-line using their forum login at the bottom of this page. The form can also be obtained from the Register Secretary or the Registrars. The Register will shortly be offering current and new owners the individual facility of supplying details of their cars via a secure link to the Register's on-line database of cars and their owners.

Before a qualifying Triple-M car is first accepted for inclusion in the Register Listing it is assessed under the Guidelines detailed in Section 3 below. If the car is accepted under section 3.1 it will be allocated a formal Triple-M Register number as detailed in Section 3.2. That number, which serves effectively as a 'date stamp', then remains with the car permanently, regardless of any future change of ownership for so long as the car continues to be accepted by the Committee. No charge is made for adding a car to the Register Listing.

All would-be purchasers of a Triple-M car and/or those wishing to deal in them are advised to familiarise themselves with the conditions under which cars may or may not be included on the Register Listing as well as the purpose, operation and maintenance of the Register Listing as set forth in these guidelines.


3.1 Guidelines for Register Listing


For the purposes of these Guidelines:

'Original Triple-M chassis' means an original chassis of a Triple-M model type manufactured or assembled by the M. G. Works complete with its original front knuckle, including any such chassis that has been altered or repaired;

'New Chassis" means a chassis that was manufactured after the M.G. Works ceased to produce Original Triple-M chassis;

'Front dumb iron' means the forged steel component at the forward end of a Triple-M chassis which locates the forward eye of the front leaf spring and (where fitted) a chassis cross tube;

'Knuckle' has the same meaning as 'Front dumb-iron';

'Original front knuckle' means the front dumb-iron originally incorporated into the construction of an original Triple-M chassis;

'Original chassis number' means the identifying number of an original Triple-M chassis bearing the letter(s) and numerals stamped on an original front knuckle at the time of manufacture.
Note1: Most such numbers will be found on the right hand side (driver's side) knuckle, although certain chassis, including some of those exported from the works are known to have been stamped on the left hand side (passenger's side) knuckle;
Note 2: The R-type single seat racing cars have a totally different chassis arrangement and their identifying numbers are stamped on a metal plate which is fixed to the chassis side member;

'A Triple-M Car', means a car built on an original Triple-M chassis with its major components or modern replacement components manufactured to original Triple-M specification;

'The Register Listing' has the meaning set out in paragraph 1.1 of this document;

'The M.G. Works' means the factory(ies) of the M.G. Car Company in or near Abingdon at which Triple-M cars were manufactured as described in Section 1.

The original chassis number as defined in these Guidelines is used by the Register as the car's Primary Identity Indicator. For a car to be included in the Register Listing it must qualify under and retain one of the following criteria:
3.1.1 A car built on an original Triple-M chassis containing an original front knuckle clearly stamped with its original chassis number as defined above will be included in the Register Listing under that number.
3.1.2 A car built on an original Triple-M chassis which has an original front knuckle but does not clearly show its original chassis number will be recorded as chassis number Uxxxxx and listed in the section of the Register for that chassis type unless the original chassis serial number can be established beyond reasonable doubt (see 3.1.4 below).
3.1.3 In the case of any car where more than one M.G. Works-supplied chassis exists claiming the same chassis number, the car based on the original/first chassis will be included in the Register Listing under that chassis number or, in the case of a car based on the factory-supplied second chassis, with that chassis number and the suffix ”/2”.
3.1.4 A car built on an original Triple-M chassis which does not clearly show its original chassis number but has sufficient physical or documentary evidence to link it to an original number, will be listed under that number unless it is later proved otherwise.
3.1.5 A car built on a new chassis but having an original front knuckle clearly showing its original chassis number, will be listed under that number with the note “new chassis”.
3.1.6 A car built on an original Triple-M chassis, incorporating a collection of Triple-M components manufactured to their original specification, which is not covered by any of the above criteria may be included in the Register Listing at the discretion of the Committee.
3.1.7 An original Triple-M chassis clearly showing its original chassis number will be included in the Register Listing under that chassis number with the note “chassis only”.

In operating these guidelines the Committee will have regard to factors that may, in varying degrees, affect its judgement about a particular chassis or car. These factors include the following:

  - The completeness, originality or integrity of the main components of a chassis, including its castings, side or other rails and tubes;
  - Factual evidence of past damage or destruction of a chassis or its major components;
  - Factual evidence of the replacement of damaged or destroyed chassis components with period or modern replacements;
  - Factual evidence of the defacing and re-stamping of a front dumb iron (knuckle);
  - The M.G. Works guarantee plate with its original stampings;
  - The M.G. Works stamping of the bonnet hinge.

3.2 Guidelines for the Allocation of Register Numbers

3.2.1 A Triple-M Register Number will be allocated to any car/chassis that is accepted under sections 3.1.1 to 3.1.7 when it first becomes known to the Register;
3.2.2 Register numbers are allocated sequentially and should be regarded effectively as a 'date stamp'. Register Numbers do not have any other connotation.
1. A Triple-M Register Number always stays with the car/chassis on which the car was built when the Number was first allocated. It is not transferable.
2. In cases where there is ambiguity about the identity of a car, the Register Committee reserves the right to include that car in the Register Listing on a provisional basis pending the receipt of definitive evidence concerning that car.
3. The Register Committee does not encourage or condone the practice of 'refreshing' the stamping of a chassis number on any original front knuckle. In such cases Guideline 3.1.2 may apply.
4. The Register Committee is aware that circumstances may arise from time to time in which some statutory registration authorities, usually outside the UK, may not be willing to recognise the stamping of a car's original chassis number as evidence of that vehicle's identity. In these cases the authorities may require that the original chassis number be re-stamped. On occasions they may require that the vehicle be identified with a different number, perhaps a local VIN number or similar and that this 'secondary chassis number' be stamped on the chassis.
The Register Committee recommends that whenever possible any stampings arising for any of the above reasons should be applied to the opposite knuckle or its adjacent chassis member. In most cases this will be the left hand side (passenger's side) of the car. The Register Committee strongly recommends that:
a) in such cases the original chassis number stamping should not be changed, effaced or obliterated in any way. This is to ensure that the car's original identity will not be compromised if ever it falls to be registered with the authorities in some other jurisdiction at some future date.
b) if a chassis has a driver's side knuckle which is currently blank or unstamped (for example in the case of a car that was exported from new), that particular knuckle should not be stamped in any way;
c) Where the 'local' VIN or other identifier comprises a lengthy series of letters and/or numerals, the Register recommends that stampings be applied to the top of the nearside chassis rail.
Owners are requested to inform the Register whenever chassis stampings are applied to a car's chassis and whenever any other change takes place affecting their cars.

Any owner of a listed Triple-M car may discuss the classification of their car with the Committee.


How the Register describes cars that are not built to their original specification.

This guidance will be used by the officials of the Register in response to enquiries, or in commenting upon issues, regarding the proper description of specials and non-standard cars constructed on Triple-M chassis.
4.1 The Register does not recognize the description 'Replica' when applied to any Triple-M car other than the factory produced M Type 12/12 Replicas.
4.2 A car built in the style of one car but on the chassis of another will be described as the chassis type on which it is built. For example, a C-type copy built on a D-type chassis will be described as a D type. Likewise, a car built in the style of a J4 on a J2 chassis will be described as a J2. The same applies to a car built in the style of a Q-type, K3 or NE;
4.3 A Triple-M car fitted with a non-standard Triple-M engine (for the model) will be described as such. A J2 chassis fitted with a PB engine will be described as a J2-PB. Furthermore if the engine is supercharged it will be described as J2-PB/s;
4.4 The Register is not opposed to the term 'special' if a car is fitted with a non-standard body (for chassis), but it will be described as the chassis type on which it is built. For example, a single seat body fitted on an N type chassis will be described as an N type special;
4.5 The Register does not recognize a car described as J2/J4 or K1/K3 or P/Q etc. as it implies that some main parts of the car are genuine J4, K3 or Q type etc. when they are not;
4.6 In former years it was common practice for constructors or designers to incorporate their name in the description of a special, e.g. Bellevue Special, Turner MG. Some specials were given names by their owners, e.g. 'Bongazoo'. The Register has no objection to these descriptions still being used.


The rules governing Register competition awards can be obtained from the Competition Secretary or found in the competition section of the Triple-M website. Inclusion of a car in the published Register Listing does not confer automatic eligibility for Register awards.


For various reasons it may become necessary:
  - to replace a car's original engine with another unit derived from another Triple-M car.
  - to substitute an original cylinder block with a newly-manufactured replacement block.

Whenever these changes occur, the Register asks owners to ensure that details of the change are notified to the Registrar.

It is the Register's policy that whenever a newly-manufactured cylinder block is utilised, it should be stamped with an identifying number followed by the suffix "/2". The identifying number should be one that that is appropriate to that particular vehicle. If the new block is of the same type as that of the engine originally installed in that car at the time of manufacture, it will be in order to use the original engine's number. Alternatively if the new block replaces an engine that was not original to that car, it is permissible to use the number of the engine that is being replaced, in each case adding the suffix "/2" previously mentioned. The Registrar should be consulted in case of any uncertainty.

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