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08/01/2017 : Two new titles available from the Library  
Our Librarian has just taken delivery of two new booklet reproductions which have been specially produced by the Register:

Reproduction of a rare multicoloured 14 page publicity brochure celebrating the International racing success of MG with many rare captioned photos.

Reproduction of a rare 14 page publicity booklet written by H.S Linfield and E.C. Linfield of the "Autocar" telling the story of the Montlhery Midget racing success in the early 30's. Includes a superb
centre spread illustration by Gordon Crosby of Captain Eyston's successful one hour at over 100mph record acchievement at the famous banked track.

Each booklet costs £12 including postage - details are on the Library page.

31/08/2016 : The Bulletin Cartoon Caption Competition 
We are pleased to report that following adjudication by an independent Register committee member chosen by rotation, with no knowledge of entrants' identities, the winner of June's Bulletin Cartoon Caption Competition is ..... Graham le Lay. Graham has a P-type and resides in Jersey

The winning caption was "Philip doesn't adjust my carb any more."

Congratulations to Graham, who will receive the original cartoon from the artist Ged Segrave, with the caption duly inscribed.

Look out for the next one in the Bulletin and on this website and try your luck!

Dick Morbey

10/07/2016 : Triple-M Register donates to MGCC archive  
The Triple-M Register's finances are in a healthy state and this has enabled our committee to make a £1,500 donation towards the Bill Wallis archive facility at the MGCC's Kimber House HQ in Abingdon.

The funds will be put towards the ongoing project to equip the new facility and provide for the future digitisation of the invaluable historic materials that are held there.

The Register's contribution was presented to MGCC Chairman Ian Quarrington by Register Treasurer Bob Milton at today's Register Summer Gathering at Peter Green's home, which was attended by 120 participants.

10/07/2016 : MGCC Member of the Year award to Mark Dolton 
It is with great pleasure that we can report that the MGCC's board of directors has unanimously agreed to award the Geoff Coles Trophy for member of the year to the Triple-M Register's Mark Dolton.

The award was presented to Mark at today's Register Summer Gathering by Club Director George Wilder at a ceremony also supported by Club Chairman Ian Quarrington.

The award was given in recognition of Mark's exceptional commitment and success in promoting the renaissance of Triple-M racing at Club events. Not content to rest on his laurels, Mark is continuing his efforts with the aim of achieving even larger grids in 2017 at MGCC and in VSCC and other events.

Hearty congratulations!

27/06/2016 : Committee Update 
The Triple-M Register held its AGM yesterday, 26th June when the attendees were given a run down on our activities during 2015 and future plans. The finances were also reviewed and found to be in good order.

The members re-elected the three current officers, Dick Morbey (chairman), George Eagle (secretary) and Bob Milton (treasurer), for another year. Two of the three committee members retiring by rotation, namely Mark Dolton, events reporter and race coordinator and Peter Hemmings, librarian were re-elected.

Cathelijne Spoelstra the yearbook editor, who was due to retire by rotation, did not seek re-election, because a successor, Simon Johnston, has been identified and he was elected to the committee in her place. Grateful thanks are due to Cat for the great job she has done in editing the yearbook for seven years during which she has provided us all with interesting and imaginative articles and features. And of course we extend a warm welcome to Simon.

The committee is developing a succession plan, because a number of posts needs to be refreshed. As always we would be very grateful to hear from anyone who feels that they might be willing to support the Register's endeavours either on or off the committee. The door is open!

Opportunities include the following:
The Chairman. The present incumbent's five year term (imposed by MGCC rules) concludes in the spring of 2017 with the possibility of a one year extension.
The Treasurer. A vacancy has arisen because our treasurer Bob Milton wishes to stand down at next year's AGM, once the 2016 accounts have been concluded.
The Librarian. After many years in the job Peter Hemmings wishes to take a break. A volunteer has come forward and discussions are underway.

The present committee line up is as follows.

Dick Morbey, Chairman
George Eagle, Secretary
Bob Milton, Treasurer
Graham Arrondelle, Registrar
Peter Green, Technical Advisor
Mike Linward, Competition Secretary
Peter Hemmings, Librarian
Digby Gibbs, Bulletin Editor
Jeremy Hawke, Safety Fast Scribe
Simon Johnston, Yearbook editor
Elizabeth Taylor, Advertising co-ordinator
Mark Dolton, events reporter and race co-ordinator

11/06/2016 : The John Kidder Trophy 
Those of you who receive the Register Bulletin will have seen the reports of 2015's competitive events and the names of the various triple-M heroes who won awards for speed events, trialling, Car of the Year and more besides.

One award which has not received a mention is the John Kidder trophy. This trophyis awarded each year to the enthusiast who has made a notable contribution to the advancement of the Register. For 2015 the committee has enthusiastically agreed to award the trophy to Koen Struijk.

Koen, who is a member of the Dutch enthusiast fraternity, has been the driving force behind the establishment of the new Register database of cars, which many of you will now have had an opportunity to view. Koen is continuing to help us with the next stage of the project which will shortly reach what we're calling Stage 2, when all enthusiasts with a Triple-M car on the register will be able to view most of the data and other information relating to their car.

We ask all Triple-M car owners to ensure that they have provided the Register with their latest e-mail address, which is important, because all contact between the owner and the Register will be handled by e-mail. You can send your details to richard.morbey@gmail.com

But in the meantime, thanks and hearty congratulations are due to Koen who has worked unstintingly, contributing many hundreds of unpaid manhours on the project.

25/05/2016 : Bulletin Cartoon Caption competition 
The April/May edition of the Cartoon Caption Competition can be seen on the website at Home page\Document downloads\Cartoon Competition or by clicking

A Register team has been working very hard over the past months to create the framework for a totally new database of all known Triple-M cars and their current and former owners. The database content, which is the M.G. Car Club's prime record of surviving Triple-M cars, has been assembled from a variety of sources. These sources include the existing Triple-M Register records, including many thousands of paper files and other records and, importantly, information and material provided by current and former owners.

We are pleased to report that we have now reached a stage where the database is now able to be launched.


We encourage everyone to look at the database - access details are below - and feed back any general questions or comments to a special area in the discussion Forum which our webmaster Nick Feakes has created. Any specific questions or suggested corrections about a specific car should be addressed to the Registrar at grahamarrondelle@yahoo.com

We are rolling the project out in two stages. STAGE ONE IS NOW LIVE. Stage two will follow shortly.

To access this information, click on 'Register database' on the left hand side of the main menu on the website home page. From there you can select three options:

1. 'Register your car'. This is a facility for owners to register their cars with the MGCC Triple-M Register;
2. 'Browse the Register'. This is a chassis number search facility which will show summary details and, where available, pictures of each registered car;
3. Statistics. This area shows the total number of currently registered Triple-M cars as well as model by model.

By following options 2 and 3, anybody at all can access the database to see a limited amount of general data about all registered cars. No personal data will be revealed.

The 'Pictures' menu on the website home page also has a link to members' cars, where some of the above information is also available.

When the database goes fully 'live' shortly, owners can apply to have direct access to data for their individual car. They will be able to view information and images of their car (but nobody else's car!). Importantly, owners will also be able to use the on-line facility to request amendments to their car details and their own personal details. Indeed, owners will also be actively encouraged to submit photographs of the car and its main identifying features, documents and other information.

This facility for owners to view their records will be available solely to owners who are recorded as the owner of a Triple-M car that has a Register number.

Owner access to car data will be restricted and safeguarded by a personal ID and password. We will shortly be contacting owners by e-mail to advise them how to apply for their personal ID and password. This means that we must have your current e-mail address on record! Please visit your Website Discussion Forum profile as soon as possible to check that all your details are up to date!

Please note: It will be a pre-condition for owner access to the database that owners first send the Register an image of their car's chassis number stamping, preferably of the front chassis dumb iron or, if that is not possible, the stamping on the inside of the bonnet hinge.

Cars without a Register Number.
If you own a car that does not have a Register number we would welcome hearing from you to discuss whether your car may be eligible for inclusion on the Register. The criteria for inclusion on the Register can be seen at http://www.triple-mregister.org/registerlogin.asp

How we manage the database
The database framework has been created by Koen Struijk, a Dutch MG enthusiast who owns a Triple-M car (PA) and an MGA. The Register is extremely grateful to Koen for the many hours that he has devoted to the project and its future management, without which none of this could have happened. We're also grateful for the work that webmaster Nick Feakes has done to enable access to the database via our Register website.

All information held on the Register is under the control of the Registrar, Graham Arrondelle, who is a Triple-M Register committee member. With around 4,000 cars to be accounted for, his is a huge task. In order to make things more manageable the Register committee recently decided to allocate responsibility for particular models to 'sub-registrars'.

The sub-registrars will deal with day to day matters and owners will find that communications about their cars will increasingly be dealt with by the sub-registrars.

The following people are the sub-registrars:
M-types Mike Dalby
D-types and J1 Ted Hack
C-types Cathelijne Spoelstra
J2 John Emmett
PA Dick Morbey
PB Graham Arrondelle
J3, J4, Q and R Bob Milton
K-types Peter Green
F, L, N-types & Comp cars George Eagle

Lew Palmer of the North American NAMMMR in the USA will also be working with us to ensure that the records of USA-resident cars are complete and consistent with the main Register.

We are very pleased that we have been able to bring about this improvement in our systems. It is now up to all of us to ensure that information held by the Triple-M Register is accurate and up to date - something that will be to the benefit of present and future owners.

Dick Morbey
Register Chairman

04/04/2016 : February Cartoon Caption Competition  
We are pleased to report that following adjudication by an independent Register committee member chosen by rotation, with no knowledge of entrants' identities, the winner of February's Bulletin Cartoon Caption Competition is .....

Colin Henderson

The winning caption was “And you think your car has problems”

Congratulations to Colin, who will receive the original cartoon from the artist Ged Segrave, with the caption duly inscribed.

Look out for the next one in the April Bulletin.

Dick Morbey

23/01/2016 : December Cartoon Caption Competition  
We are pleased to report that following adjudication by an independent Register committee member chosen by rotation, with no knowledge of entrants' identities, the winner of December's Bulletin Cartoon Caption Competition is .....

Ron Green (J2 owner)

The winning caption was “OK! Work in teams; one point for each splat on the bonnet, two points for the wings and five for the bald head.”

Congratulations to Ron, who will receive the original cartoon from the artist Ged Segrave, with the caption duly inscribed.

Look out for the next one in the February Bulletin.

Dick Morbey

16/01/2016 : Hawke History of MMM Competition Cars 
A further batch of the very popular and fast selling "Hawke History..." has been received from the printers in Germany and is now available from the Triple M Library. Apologies to all those who just missed out in December when the Christmas rush exceeded all expectations. The other good news is that the price has been held at £20 (plus post and packing)even though the printers have increased prices.I look forward to receiving your orders via the webshop just a few keystrokes away from the home page.

Peter Hemmings
Hon. Librarian

04/11/2015 : October Bulletin Cartoon Caption Competition  
We are pleased to report that following adjudication by an independent Register committee member chosen by rotation, with no knowledge of entrants' identities, the winner of October's Bulletin Cartoon Caption Competition is .....

Peter Scott

The winning caption was “Sorry, Foz, today is the best we can do. Dad has not yet perfected the time machine.”

Congratulations to Peter, who will receive the original cartoon from the artist Ged Segrave, with the caption duly inscribed.

Look out for the next one in the December Bulletin.

Dick Morbey

14/09/2015 : Mille Miglia book back in stock 
I am pleased to report that the authentic reproduction of the very rare contemporary booklet celebrating success of the MG K3 Magnettes in the 1933 Mille Miglia is now back in stock in the Library.It is available for £12 plus P&P, the price held as previously.Go to the "Library sales" section of the website for further details of this and all other publications currently available.
New items appear on a reglar basis.

Peter Hemmings
Hon. Librarian

21/06/2015 : Committee news update 
Yesterday we held the Register's Annual General Meeting at Silverstone. Warm thanks to everyone who came along to support the meeting.

As a result, there have been a couple of changes on the committee: After almost 4 years as editor of the bi-monthly Bulletin, Bob Richards is preparing to hand over the job. Happily Digby Gibbs has been shadowing Bob for some months now and will shortly be able to take over from him.

In anticipation of this change, Digby was elected to the committee yesterday and Bob has stepped down to make way for him.

We owe Bob a big vote of thanks for his hard work and enterprise. Under his management the Bulletin has improved consideraby, so let's wish Digby all the best when he takes over very shortly.

Other Committee news and a request!
As we have been saying for the past year or so, Cathelijne Spoelstra, our Yearbook Editor, would quite like someone else to take on this interesting job. Are there any volunteers out there? The latest Yearbook has just been published, so by purchasing your copy from the library you will get an idea of what is involved.

And finally, our Registrar Graham Arrondelle would be very grateful for offers of assistance to help him keep the ever-changing records of surviving Triple-M cars up to date.

Cat's and Graham's contact details are on the contact pages of this website, so please do get in touch with them if you feel that you could help in any way or for more information.

Thanks, Dick Morbey

13/05/2015 : Triple-M Register AGM 
We continue to experiment with the most suitable location for the Register's AGM and this year's meeting will take place during the MG Live! weekend at Silverstone.

Location: Garage Zero (beneath Silverstone Race Control)
Date: Saturday 20th June
Time: 2.30 pm

The meeting is open to any MGCC member with Triple-M interests, but we are also happy to welcome non-MGCC members as observers. Do please come along if you can! Refreshments will be available.

The formal notice of the meeting has been published in Safety Fast, but here is an extract:

1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of the 2014 AGM
2.1 Matters arising
3. Chairman's report
4. Secretary's report
5. Treasurer's report
6. Election of officers
7. Election of committee
8. AOB
Nominations for election to the Committee and any topic for dicussion should be sent by May 31 to the Secretary, George Eagle, Foxcote Chase,. Leckhampstead Road, Akeley, Bucks, MK18 5HG
e-mail geaglemgl2@dsl.pipex.com Tel: 01280 860428

Dick Morbey

12/03/2015 : Eligibility for inclusion in the Register of Cars 
UPDATE 12-March 2015

The Triple-M Register guidelines set out the criteria for inclusion of cars on the Register Listing and the allocation of a Register number.

In March 2014 we brought in some changes which were designed remove doubt or ambiguity.

After further thought and in the light of recent experience, the Committee has decided that the guidelines should describe certain chassis features in more explicit detail. We have therefore made some further changes to the guidelines.

These include new definitions for:
'Original Triple-M chassis'
'Altered chassis'
'Reconstructed chassis', and
'New chassis'

There is also a new section dealing with 'Replacement engines and cylinder blocks'.

A copy of the new guidelines will be available shortly at http://www.triple-mregister.org/registerlogin.asp. It can also be accessed via the home page, or on the "Register your Car" page.

The guidelines will also be reproduced in the annual Register Listing of Cars when it is re-published in time for Silverstone 2015

We would encourage all owners of Triple-M cars to familiarise themselves with the new guidelines and ensure that their ownership and other details of the vehicle are correctly recorded with the Registrar, Graham Arrondelle. You can do this electronically via the website or by post.

Dick Morbey

16/10/2014 : The Register 
The Register Committee is aware that there is a wish amongst some members for a change in the location and other arrangements for some of our sociable events, such as the AGM, the Annual Dinner and the Prizegiving.

We have considered the options long and hard! Our current thoughts are that the AGM might now be held during Saturday of the annual MGCC Silverstone race meeting, if suitable facilities can be arranged. The date is Saturday 20th June in Race Garage zero where seating and refreshments will be available.

A trophy awards ceremony for prior year competitive/speed events will take place at the MGCC race meeting at Brands Hatch in early May.

The remainder of the awards such as COTY will be presented other events later in the year.

The Register’s Annual Dinner, which currently takes place early in the season at Weybridge is now likely to be incorporated into the annual summer touring events, with the possible option of including members even if they are not participating in the tour itself. That would mean that the location of the dinner could be rotated around the country which many members have asked for.

For 2015 the date is Thursday 20th August at the Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.

Dick Morbey

10/10/2014 : Factory Photographs Gallery 
Triple-M Register Factory Photographs Gallery.

The Register team has been busy creating digital images of period Factory photographs contained in the Register’s archives. These contain a wealth of information about the original assembly and finish details of our cars. We’re happy to announce that we have now teamed up with a supplier, Photobox which means that you can now view and buy high quality prints of these photographs on-line via the Register Library at a reasonable cost.

Altogether over 350 images are available and they can be viewed and purchased via the on-line Register Library at http://www.triple-mshop.org or by visiting the Gallery at: http://www.photoboxgallery.com/triplemgallery

The images are arranged by model types and there are additional sections, one showing Competition Cars and the other, ‘Other Photos', showing pictures of cars in production at the Works, some vintage models, experimental cars etc.

Some of the original photos are non-standard sizes, so during the order process you will be able to check and adjust the fit of your chosen image within your requested print size. We have a number of print sizes available from 6”x4” up to 12” x 8”. Several interesting products are also available, at this stage including coasters and mouse mats on offer. Other items of regalia may be available at a future stage.

Purchase, production, shipping and any queries will be handled directly by Photobox and not the Triple-M Register. However if you do have any general questions or feedback Mark Dolton can be contacted via email at: Triplemgallery@gmail.com

This project has taken a while to finalise and thanks are due to Robin Hamblett for many hours spent scanning and optimising the original photographs and to Mark Dolton who has been instrumental in launching this on-line facility. We hope that owners will find the facility useful and will support it by purchasing some of these invaluable images.

10/03/2014 : Technical Pictures on our website - a further update 
I'm pleased to say that the project is ready to receive your contributions. Here's what to do:

Each model is covered except for Q and R-types.

We have now created e-mail addresses for each model - one address being for mechanical components and another for body/trim components.

All you have to do is send your digital pictures - not smaller than 1.5Mb and definitely no larger than 5Mb - the the appropriate address given in the list below. Please remember that what we are looking for are pictures, each with a description, showing individual components, part-assemblies or complete assemblies. The aim is that these should be representative of what went into the cars 'originally' as well as variations that were introduced at the time of manufacture and subsequently.

Here is the list:

Update 11th March 2014

As you know, the project is now able to receive images of mechanical and body components for each of the models.

To achieve this we created and published a number of e-mail addresses to which you can send these images to us. Unfortunately the publication of these e-mail addresses has opened the door to a tsunami of spam messages emanating from the Far East.

In order to overcome this problem I am now re-publishing the list but this time without the dot and '@' symbol. It means that you will have to type the correct e-mail address in full rather than simply clicking on it but we feel this is a small price to pay.

Here is the list, and do please continue to send through your pictures. Your Register needs you!

Mtypemechanical [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Mtypebody [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Ctypemechanical at triple-mregister dot org

Ctypebody [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Dtypemechanical [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Dtypebody [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Jtypemechanical [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Jtypebody [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Ptypemechanical [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Ptypebody [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Ftypemechanical [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Ftypebody [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Ktypemechanical [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Ktypebody [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Ltypemechanical [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Ltypebody [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Ntypemechanical [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

Ntypebody [at] triple-mregister [dot] org

We hope you will be able to contribute to this project, from which we all stand to benefit!

Dick Morbey

08/02/2014 : Technical Pictures on our website - an update 
Regular followers of the Register’s website discussion forum will know that there has been a fair bit of chat about improving the availability of pictures of Triple-M cars on our website. We understand this and have been doing something about it!

The following message is mainly about ‘Technical Pictures’, for which we would like to have your assistance! By ‘Technical Pictures’ we refer to pictures which have been accumulated by the Register and by individual members, which show technical details of cars, individual components and assemblies.

Thanks to a band of unsung heroes we have now made a start in creating a ‘Technical pictures’ library. The following is an update to let you know the current situation.

Starting with the P-type, we have started to put together a library of pictures of components, sub-assemblies, etc. These pictures, as well as pictures of all other Triple-M models except the Q and R-types, will be viewable when we launch the Technical pictures library very shortly.

But first, we need to obtain more pictures, and this is where you come in!
We invite you to search through your recent or past photographs and send us any digital images you may have of:

- Mechanical components – either individual components, part-assemblies or complete assemblies, and
- Body and trim components – again individual parts or assemblies

Alternatively, if you have prints or transparencies of these pictures, perhaps you could scan them? (We might be able to assist if you do not have the necessary equipment to do this.)

It is important that these are accurate and properly representative of the cars ‘as built’ at the Works.

At this stage we are not quite ready to receive your images, so for the time being would you please just gather them together?

We will be creating two specific e-mail addresses for each model – one for mechanical and another for body/trim (for example, Mtypemechanical [at] triple-mregister.org or Ktypebody [at] triple-register.org) to which you can send your pictures. We will let you know when these are up and running.

Images should preferably be not smaller than 1.5Mb and definitely no larger than 5Mb.

By submitting your pictures you confirm that they are your property and you also consent to allow the Triple-M Register full rights to publish and circulate them.

We would like as many people as possible to be involved in this exercise, for which we thank you in advance.

In order to ensure that the pictures are properly representative, all images for each model type will be checked by a small number of volunteers with knowledge or experience of particular models.

If you have any questions about any aspect of the exercise please feel free to contact Dick Morbey or Nick Feakes.

Thank you!
Dick Morbey

Factory Pictures
In response to requests, we are also assembling a collection of ‘Factory pictures’ taken during the years in which Triple-M cars were being constructed.

In the next few weeks we hope to have a section on the website where you will be able to view a selection of Factory pictures of our cars. Where these images are accepted as being in the ‘public domain’, they will be generally available to download. Where the Register has rights to the pictures, they will still be viewable on-line, probably as thumbnail images or water-marked images and you will be able to purchase high resolution un-watermarked copies of these via the Register Shop. We will bring you more news about this shortly.

16/12/2013 : The Triple-M Register - Our role and car identity issues 
Most of us who visit this website are Triple-M enthusiasts, the majority of whom are very familiar with the cars and the way in which the Triple-M Register exists to serve their interests. For those less familiar with the setup, it may be helpful to be reminded that the Triple-M Register is a specific Register of the M.G. Car Club Ltd., catering for the ohc-engined MG cars built from 1929 to 1936.

What is sometimes less well known by the typical owner is the significance of having a car included in our ‘Register Listing’ and the ground rules and guidelines which govern the compilation of that Register. The criteria and guidelines relating to inclusion of a car in the Register and the allocation of Register numbers to individual cars are set out in full on this website on the ’Register your car’ page at http://www.triple-mregister.org/registerlogin.asp

The reason for drawing this to everyone’s attention is to allay possible confusion that may exist in people’s minds about the ‘Register Listing’.

The role of the Triple-M Register is not to be the ultimate adjudicator on car identity issues. The purpose and objectives of the Register are clearly stated as being, amongst other things, to “maintain a register of surviving cars, recording their history and other relevant information.”

The Register Listing is therefore “a compilation of information kept for the Register’s own purposes. It is maintained and published for general information only and does not confer authenticity”.

It is important to keep this in mind, because some owners as well as some external organisations such as dealers and auctioneers tend to attribute more significance to a car’s inclusion in the Register than is perhaps appropriate.

Nevertheless our Registrar Robin Hamblett has the unenviable but fascinating task of keeping the Register Listing up to date. In doing so he relies on all owners keeping him informed about changes of ownership or other changes affecting their cars.

Following a recent development, and in order that our records can be as accurate as possible, Robin is now aiming to collect more detailed information about individual cars, which he will typically do whenever a change of ownership is notified. From now on, he and the committee will also be looking more closely at cars currently included in the Register Listing with the aim of clarifying anomalous or ambiguous situations whenever these come to light.

Considering that most Triple-M cars were built 80 or more years ago, it is scarcely surprising that many of them have undergone changes over the years. Some parts of our records date back several decades and most are based on information volunteered by owners or former owners. Keeping track of this is no mean task!

The committee is nevertheless currently focused on doing whatever we can to ensure the integrity of our records and thereby ‘Maintain the Breed’; we would be grateful for everyone’s co-operation in ensuring that our records of your own car/s are as accurate as possible. Please feel free to contact Robin or a Committee member if you’d like to discuss your own car or any particular vehicle.

Thank you.
Dick Morbey

27/06/2003 : Welcome to the Triple-M website! 
Please browse these pages, digest the information, give us your comments, and most important of all, send us items that you think will be of interest to other Triple-M owners. Remember this is your site.

This News Page will let you know of important changes or updates to the site as well as highlighting news of other Triple-M activity.

Tell us of events in your area which you think would attract Triple-M owners. Send us the details, including organisers contact details, and we will add them to the Events Page. And don’t forget a few lines for the Event Reports Page, to tell others what happened or remind people what they missed!

If you have any Triple-M related pictures you would like to share with other Triple-M owners just send them to us and we will fill a library that others can enjoy. Include the approximate date taken (the library is structured in Monthly blocks) and a brief description. If you already have a web site that stores photos you have taken and you would like to share them with a wider audience, advise our Webmaster and a direct link can be arranged.

The latest Car Of The Year, Speed Championship and Slade Trophy tables are listed along with the Rules for each competition. You can send your COTY claims to the Competition Secretary by e-mail or post.

A Retro page is included which will reproduce a selected number of old MG Magazine articles.

Register your Triple-M car, or update the details we hold on your Triple-M car by using our on-line service. Updates will be sent direct to our Registrar.

If there is a topic, technical or otherwise, you wish to discuss with a wider audience, check out the Forum page. You can view the content of any Forum but you will have to Register and Login to add to the discussion or raise your own topic. Registration is simple but essential. Please follow the instructions from the relevant pull-down menus. The area is under the overall control of the Webmaster. Please do not add inappropriate or offensive comment which, in any case, is liable to be removed and may result in your Registration being withdrawn.

If you want to buy or sell a Triple-M car please use this site, it's free. Supply a description of your car and an optional photograph. Please indicate if the picture is not of the actual car for sale and, most important, please indicate if it is a private or trade sale.

It's now up to you! Please help to keep this site topical, it is for your benefit. Don't delay, do it NOW!

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