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Body details - P type (BW catalogue)
Colours - J type body
Colours - paint
Corner body post - P type
Metalwork - sheet (BW catalogue)
Wings and fittings (BW catalogue)


Brake light switch and position
Braking system (BW catalogue)
Brake cable dust excluder
Stop your MG

Carburettors & fuel system

Carburettor de-icing system
Carburettors (BW catalogue)
Fuel tanks (BW catalogue)
Hobson K-S telegauge
Ki-gas jets
Modern petrol and classic cars
Needle selection
Petrol tank drawing P & N
Reserve tap P & N
SU Bible
SU carburettor jet holder #1
SU carburettor jet holder #2
SU electric fuel pump - fault diagnosis LP & HP
SU electric fuel pump - list by car model
SU electric fuel pump manual
SU electric fuel pump cross reference
SU petrolift
Tuning twin SU carburettors Part 1
Tuning twin SU carburettors Part 2
Wade Supercharger


Clips & firewall details - P type
Dimensional drawing - P type
Firewall (BW catalogue)
Lubrication system (BW catalogue)


Coolant advice from the FHBVC
Cooling a blown PB
Cooling digest
Electric fan
Electric fan P type
Radiator type differences
Radiators (BW catalogue)
The thermostat as used in the K type


Altette horn repair
Altette horn - Identify
Altette horn - service instructions
Cut-out substitution - Lucas Tech Bulletin Part 1
Cut-out substitution - Lucas Tech Bulletin Part 2
Dynamo drive gears - P type
Dynamo - Bosch conversion to MMM
Electrical (BW catalogue)
Fit a DVR3 (issue 2)
Lamp & Horns (BW catalogue)
Lucas tech course 1 Battery
Lucas tech course 2 Starting motors
Lucas tech course 3 Coil ignition
Lucas tech course 4 Generators
Lucas tech course 5 Generator output control
Lucas tech course 6 Vehicle wiring circuits
Lucas tech course 7 Lighting
Lucas tech course 8 Auxillaries
Lucas tech course 9 Overdrive control
Lucas tech course TOC
Lucas wiper motor, trafficators & other
Trafficators - P, N, KN, TA
Trafficators - all models
Wiring diagram J2 colour coded #1
Wiring Diagram J2 (PL)
Wiring diagram K & L + data #1
Wiring diagram K & L + data #2
Wiring diagram L2 colour coded
Wiring diagram L type (PL)
Wiring diagram N type (PL)
Wiring diagram M type
Wiring diagram PA
Wiring diagram PA colour coded
Wiring diagram P-type (PL)


Ancillaries (BW catalogue)
Clutch - C, J4, L, K, P, N (BW catalogue)
Clutch - D, F, J (BW catalogue)
Camshaft and rocker drawing
Core plugs - how to make
Dipstick N & P type
Engine to radiator bracket drawing - L type
Engine to radiator bracket drawing - N type
Engine to radiator bracket drawing - P type
Gaskets - engine (BW catalogue)
Hepolite liner specs.
Hepolite piston details
Lightening of P & N Flywheels
M, J, D lower (BW catalogue)
M, J, D upper (BW catalogue)
Oil filter conversion P, K, L & N
Oil pressure pipe run
Oil strainer - wire mesh
P, K, L, N lower (BW catalogue)
P, K, L, N upper (BW catalogue)
Rocker bush setting, large cam engines
Sectional drawing - P type
Screw sizes PA/PB
Spiral bevel gear backlash - checking
Supercharger - care for your Volumex
Timing chart
Valve timing setup


Brooklands exhaust - construction details
Brooklands exhaust - dimensions
Exhaust (BW catalogue)
Silencer - J2 drawing (may fit others)


Chrome parts (BW catalogue)
Filler caps & hoses (BW catalogue)
Running board strips
Windscreens (BW catalogue)


Conversion to needle roller bearings J, P, L & N
Gearboxes (BW catalogue)
Remove gear lever play
Sectional drawing - PA


Distributor and components - N, L, K type
Ignition interference
Lucas distributor types
Magnetos type J & JD


P & J Bucket seat frames
Dashboard, gauges & fittings (BW catalogue)
P-type dimensions
Door trim pattern - PA
Floorboards - drawing PA
Footrest - PA
K1, K2, KN, & ND Instrument panel
Mirror - rear view
Propshaft tunnel for P-type drawing
Toolbox catch
Upholstry & fittings (BW catalogue)


D Midget (long chassis)
F Magna
J1 & J2 Midget
J3 Midget
K3 Magnette
KA, KD Magnette
KN Magnette
L Magna
N Magnette
P and PB Midgets


Analysis of threaded fasteners
BA, BSF, BSW, BSP, & BSC threads
Bearing numbers
Bolt tightening torques
Dates of K3 guarantee plates
Registrars and Register numbers
Racing car components (BW catalogue)
Roadworthiness testing
Rubber parts (BW catalogue)
Tool sets (BW catalogue)
Tuning the MG midget
V. W. Derrington leaflet (1946)
What do we get from tuning?

Parts lists & Brochures

D Midget (long chassis)
F Magna
J1 & J2 Midget
J2 Brochure
K Magnette
KN Magnette
L Magna
M Midget
NA Magnette
PA and PB Midgets
PB & N additional equipment

Rear Axle

Dip stick clip - drawing
Dip stick holder (filler plug)
Differential (BW catalogue)
Differential - fitting Y type to J, P, L & N
Differential - rebuild with taper bearings. P type
Oil seal - rear hub P, N & L
Seal the splines

Service information sheets

Complete set


Adamant (BW catalogue)
Bishop cam (BW catalogue)
Marles Weller (BW catalogue)
Marles Weller hemispheres (drawings)
Steering wheels (BW catalogue)
Track rod ends


Front suspension (BW catalogue)
Rear suspension (BW catalogue)
Principles of the Rudge-Whitworth Wire wheel
Shock absorbers (BW catalogue)
Shock absorbers (improved diagrams)
Hartford 306 & 506 Shck absorbers
Shock absorber - lower brackets P type
Springs - binding
Wheels & tyres (BW catalogue)

Weather equipmet

Hood - F2 markup
Hood - J type
Hood - J2 Factory photo
Hood - J2 photo
Hood details - P type


Electric motor - Lucas
Motor, trafficators & other - Lucas
Suction wiper motor
Suction wiper motor repair
Suction wiper - J2 windscreen modification