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Body details - P type (BW catalogue)
Colours - J type body
Colours - paint
Corner body post - P type
Metalwork - sheet (BW catalogue)
Wings and fittings (BW catalogue)


Brake light switch and position
Braking system (BW catalogue)
Brake cable dust excluder
Stop your MG

Carburettors & fuel system

Carburettor de-icing system
Carburettors (BW catalogue)
Fuel tanks (BW catalogue)
Hobson K-S telegauge
Ki-gas jets
Modern petrol and classic cars
Needle selection
Petrol tank drawing P & N
Reserve tap P & N
SU carburettor jet holder #1
SU carburettor jet holder #2
SU electric fuel pump - fault diagnosis LP & HP
SU electric fuel pump - list by car model
SU electric fuel pump manual
SU electric fuel pump cross reference
SU petrolift
Wade Supercharger


Clips & firewall details - P type
Dimensional drawing - P type
Firewall (BW catalogue)
Lubrication system (BW catalogue)


Cooling a blown PB
Cooling digest
Electric fan
Electric fan P type
Radiator type differences
Radiators (BW catalogue)
The thermostat as used in the K type


Altette horn repair
Altette horn - Identify
Altette horn - service instructions
Cut-out substitution - Lucas Tech Bulletin Part 1
Cut-out substitution - Lucas Tech Bulletin Part 2
Dynamo drive gears - P type
Dynamo - Bosch conversion to MMM
Electrical (BW catalogue)
Fit a DVR3
Lamp & Horns (BW catalogue)
Lucas tech course 1 Battery
Lucas tech course 2 Starting motors
Lucas tech course 3 Coil ignition
Lucas tech course 4 Generators
Lucas tech course 5 Generator output control
Lucas tech course 6 Vehicle wiring circuits
Lucas tech course 7 Lighting
Lucas tech course 8 Auxillaries
Lucas tech course 9 Overdrive control
Lucas tech course TOC
Lucas wiper motor, trafficators & other
Trafficators - P, N, KN, TA
Trafficators - all models
Wiring diagram J2 colour coded #1
Wiring Diagram J2 (PL)
Wiring diagram K & L + data #1
Wiring diagram K & L + data #2
Wiring diagram L2 colour coded
Wiring diagram L type (PL)
Wiring diagram N type (PL)
Wiring diagram M type
Wiring diagram PA
Wiring diagram PA colour coded
Wiring diagram P-type (PL)


Ancillaries (BW catalogue)
Clutch - C, J4, L, K, P, N (BW catalogue)
Clutch - D, F, J (BW catalogue)
Camshaft and rocker drawing
Core plugs - how to make
Engine to radiator bracket drawing - L type
Engine to radiator bracket drawing - N type
Engine to radiator bracket drawing - P type
Gaskets - engine (BW catalogue)
Hepolite liner specs.
Hepolite piston details
M, J, D lower (BW catalogue)
M, J, D upper (BW catalogue)
Oil filter conversion P, K, L & N
Oil pressure pipe run
Oil strainer - wire mesh
P, K, L, N lower (BW catalogue)
P, K, L, N upper (BW catalogue)
Rocker bush setting, large cam engines
Sectional drawing - P type
Screw sizes PA/PB
Spiral bevel gear backlash - checking
Supercharger - care for your Volumex
Timing chart Valve timing setup


Brooklands exhaust - construction details
Brooklands exhaust - dimensions
Exhaust (BW catalogue)
Silencer - J2 drawing (may fit others)


Chrome parts (BW catalogue)
Filler caps & hoses (BW catalogue)
Windscreens (BW catalogue)


Conversion to needle roller bearings J, P, L & N
Gearboxes (BW catalogue)
Remove gear lever play
Sectional drawing - PA


Distributor and components - N, L, K type
Ignition interference
Lucas distributor types
Magnetos type J & JD


Dashboard, gauges & fittings (BW catalogue)
Door trim pattern - PA
Floorboards - drawing PA
Footrest - PA
K1, K2, KN, & ND Instrument panel
Mirror - rear view
Propshaft tunnel for P-type drawing
Toolbox catch
Upholstry & fittings (BW catalogue)


D Midget (long chassis)
F Magna
J1 & J2 Midget
J3 Midget
K3 Magnette
KA, KD Magnette
KN Magnette
L Magna
N Magnette
P and PB Midgets