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Welcome to Triple-M Racing.

We invite all Triple-M owners and followers to join us at our race events through the season. Show casing what our wonderful cars can do and what they were intended to do! Whether you are out on track with us or just enjoying the spectacle, everyone is welcome to what is a very special fraternity of passionate Triple-M enthusiasts. In 2013 it all went very quiet, but since then the girds have been growing and the engines roaring. Triple-M Racing is now back where it should be and thriving!
We are very fortunate to have the wonderful support of our Title Sponsor Baynton Jones Historic Motorsport and all our race partners. We could not do it without you! For more information, please click to our page for: SPONSOR and PARTNERS
Keep an eye out for updates through the forum and on Facebook. Or contact us and we can include you on the email circulations. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us!
Duncan Potter
Race Coordinator

Barry Foster Q and Dave Cooksey C, Battle it out for the 2018 Mary Harris Trophy. ( Photo Colin Murrell)

Date: Where: Event:
10/07/2021 VSCC Oulton Park
18/07/2021 MGCC Donington Park Triple-M Challenge
22/08/2021 VSCC Mallory Park
02/10/2021 Castle Combe Autumn Classic VSCC Race

MGCC Racing

Club members share your enthusiasm for MG cars of every type and generation and the MGCC offers a wonderful selection of meetings for racing and speed events. We run the Mary Harris Trophy at MGCC Brands and also have an all Triple-M Race at MGCC Donginton. MGCC

VSCC Racing

We are very lucky to have a great relationship with the VSCC. The VSCC host a number of race meetings throughout the year, and you will find Triple-M Racers out and about at every event. The VSCC also host the MG Race for the Register at Cadwell Park. VSCC

Preparing to Race!

Any event on a race track, requires a Race Licence. Depending on the event differing Race Licence standards will be required. You must first apply to Motorsport UK. www.motorsportuk.org
Novice (new) racing drivers will be obliged to undergo a half day training course at one of the Association of Racing Drivers' Schools (ARDS) before they can obtain a race license. These are run at most of the circuits, when you pass you will have a Race Licence and can enter most all of our listed race meetings. Then its just a case of preparing you and the car with the necessary equipment and standards.

Preparing your car…for starters…

  • Fire extinguishers are mandatory. These must be a minimum of 1.75 litres of AFFF
  • Oil Catch Tank 2ltr
  • Water Catch Tank 1ltr
  • High Visability Rain Light
  • Tow points marked front and rear
  • Oil Sump plugs wired
  • Ignition Cut out marked
  • Batteries secure and enclosed
  • Yellow & Black Cross for Novices
  • Orange Dayglow discs for non pump fuel
  • Noise restrictions, most events are 105db

If in doubt just ask, then just come Racing!

The History of the Triple-M Mary Harris Trophy

The Mary Harris Trophy was presented by Mary Harris to the SE Centre of MGCC in memory of her late husband, F.L.M.Harris, who had run the Club in the immediate pre-war years, but who had died during the war, believed to be during an air-raid. F.L.M. was quite a character, and one of the few who had achieved a "Triple" in the MCC Classic Trials on two, three and four wheels in one year! He was also a keen caravanner, editing, in addition to "Sports Car" the caravan magazine.
The trophy was never awarded, but when we (the Triple-M Register) had our first race at Silverstone in 1963, It was suggested to Gordon Cobban by Mike Allison that we would like a trophy to race for, and he offered the Mary-Harris, which was duly presented to the Register in a ceremony by Elsie C at the Kensington Palace Hotel dinner. The first winner was Bruce Beer in his brother, Malcolm's J3 single-seater, J 3751.
The race was originally run on a handicap basis as per the original format of the Brooklands era with the slower cars taking off first. This format is still run at all VSCC events, creating fantastic racing where in principle all cars finish at the same time!. However in recent years and for the MGCC races the Handicap is run under a closed format based on practise times. So in principle the race will be a Scratch race with the outright winner taking the Kimber Trophy. The handicappers will work their magic post race and announce the winner of the Mary Harris Trophy.
Throughout the season all our efforts are recorded under the Championship for the Betty Haig Cup, Championship standings can be found on this site's menu, Under "Championships"

Previous winners of the Mary Harris Trophy

Year: Driver: Type:
1963 Mike Hawke J2
1964 Bruce Beer J3/s
1965 Stewart Milton M
1966 Peter Bentley PA/s
1967 John Goodacre PA/s Single seater
1968 Mike Hawke J2
1969 Peter Cranage NA(ND)
1970 Malcolm Beer K3/s
1971 Nigel Musselwhite PB
1972 John Adams PA/s
1973 Doug Harris PB/s
1974 Andrew J.T. Smith K3/s single seater
1975 Andy McLennan J2-P/s
1976 Don Smith J2/s
1977 Clive Sherriff M
1978 Tim Hunt PA/s
1979 Tony Dolton J2-P/s
1980 Stephen Dear F1
1981 Mike Hawke J2
1982 Patrick Gardner J2
1983 Andrew J.T. Smith K3/s single seater
1984 Patrick Gardner J2
1985 Tony Dolton NA/s
1986 Alan Grassam PB
1987 Ian Davison PB
1988 Mike Dowley PB/s
1989 Gerhard Maier K3/s
1990 Peter Moores J2
1991 Elizabeth Green PA
1992 Anne Templeton K1/s single seater
1993 Nigel Musselwhite D-PA
1994 Bob Jones L1/s
1995 David Downes J2/s
1996 Andrew Taylor NE
1997 Mike Allison NB/s
1998 Brian Sayers K2/s
1999 Andrew Bradshaw PA/s
2000 John Adams J4/s
2001 Carol Cooper J2-PA/s
2002 Ian Davison J2/s
2003 John Dutton K2/s
2004 Tim Metcalfe NB/s
2005 Peter Green NE
2006 George Rozwadowski NB
2007 Andrew Bradshaw PA
2008 Tristan Last NB
2009 Peter Fenichel K1/s
2010 Jane Metcalfe NB/s
2011 Mike Painter Kayne Special/s
2012 Fred Boothby J2/s
2013 No race
2014 Jane Metcalfe NB/s
2015 David Downes NA/s
2016 Jane Metcalfe NB/s
2017 Andrew Taylor K3
2018 John Gillet K3
2019 Charles Goddard PA
2020 Tiefion Salisbury K3
2021 Nigel Stroud J2