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Rules for the Racing Challenge Trophy - The Betty Haig Cup

This will be an annual award within the calendar year. The award will be presented to the driver of the best racing performance in that year.

The finishing position in each race, or finishing position in each Class of each race if the race is divided into Classes, will determine the points scored. The finishing position will be divided by the number of finishers in the race or Class to give an index of performance. Scratch results will take precedence over handicap results if both are given for one race (for example in the Triple-M 'Mary Harris' race at Silverstone)

As an example of how the scoring will work:

A driver who is 1st out of 10 in his first race then subsequently 1st out of 20, 4th out of 5, 6th out of 6 and finally 3rd out of 20 is scored thus:

Average = 0.42

All races with published results will count irrespective of the organising car club, and only the finishing position in the race/class will count not whether the driver is first Triple-M but 14th in the race/class. No 'Regularity' or 'High Speed Trial' events will be included.

The winner of the Challenge Trophy will be the person with the lowest index averaged over the year, with a minimum of 5 races to count of which no more than half shall be handicap races. There is no maximum number of races but only the best 5 results will count. If there is a tie, the driver with the most number of finishes in the year will win.

The Comp. Sec., who's decision in all matters relating to the Challenge is final, will keep a tally of the points scored for each driver and will collect the results of all MGCC and VSCC races. Drivers in other Clubs' races should advise the Comp. Sec. where electronic results can be obtained or send copies of results if only paper copy exists. It is the drivers' responsibility to make sure that the Comp. Sec. has a copy of the official results of the races they wish to count towards their total.

If no drivers complete the minimum number of races in the year required by the rules, the trophy may not be presented.

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