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There are four main annual Triple-M Register awards, designed to encourage owners of Triple-M cars to use them for the purpose that they were designed – competition!

The primary award – The Car Of The Year – otherwise known as COTY, covers all types of event, including marshalling, where Triple-M cars are involved. As the name implies, the points scored are for the car not the driver.

There are also three specific awards where the driver scores the points:-

The Slade Trophy, which is for trialling.
The Speed Championship, which covers certain races, sprints and hill climbs.
The Racing Challenge – The Betty Haig Cup, which is specifically for racing

Details of the awards are contained on this page as well as up to date scores in each competition.  The Competition Secretary collates the scores.  Although most results are obtained automatically from the event organising Clubs or MGCC Centres, it is the responsibility of the competitor to make sure that the Competition Secretary has a copy of the results of the events in which they have taken part.

There is no pre-registration required or fee to pay.  Any Triple-M owner, provided he or she is a member of the M.G.Car Club, is entitled to take part, but the trophies, if awarded to an owner outside the UK, will remain in the UK.  Presentation of awards takes place at the Triple-M Register Annual Dinner, which is usually in October.

Please choose from the following championships:

1. Car of the Year (Click here for Rules)

2. Speed Championship (Click here for Rules)

3. Slade Championship (Click here for Rules)

4. Racing Challenge (Click here for Rules)

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