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The Model Profiles in this section provide a brief description of, and background information to, the MG cars built between 1929 and 1936. These overhead camshaft Midgets, Magnas and Magnettes are today know as Triple-M models and are covered by this Register.

The profiles have been written with knowledge acquired from the wealth of experience of Triple-M car owners. In particular, certain facts and figures have been sourced from Mike Allison whose books on MGs are well worth searching out. The specifications come from original factory data.

A good source of further information about the early history of MG, including the ‘Triple-M’ period, can be obtained from the following publications, some of which are no longer in print but may be available from the second hand market.

‘The Magic of the Marque’ by Mike Allison
ISBN 0-901564-82-6

‘The Works MGs’ by Mike Allison and Peter Browning
ISBN 0-85960-603-2

‘The Story of the MG Sports Car’ by F. Wilson McComb
ISBN 0-460-03982-2

‘Maintaining the Breed’ by John Thornley
ISBN 0-900549-11-4

‘MG Trials Cars’ by Roger F. Thomas
ISBN 0-9519423-2-8

‘The Art of Abingdon’ by John McLellan
ISBN 0-900549-45-9

‘The MG Companion’ by Kenneth Ullyett

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