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Triple-M Register Slade Championship Rules

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Rules for the Triple-M Slade Trophy — Trials Championship

The Slade Trophy will be presented annually for the best performance by an M.G. Car Club member driving a Triple-M Register Car in trials. Any standard Triple-M car is eligible or a Special providing it is made from a standard Triple-M chassis and all major mechanical parts are to a standard Triple-M pattern. Points will be awarded using the following formula.

  1. MGCC Classic Trials
  2. Class Award or 1st Triple-M car 10 points
    2nd Triple-M car 9 points
    3rd Triple-M car 8 points
    etc. down to 10th Triple-M car 1 point
    Overall Win 12 points

  3. P.C.T.s organised by any Centre of the M.G. Car Club

  4. Class Award or 1st Triple-M car 8 points
    2nd Triple-M car 7 points
    3rd Triple-M car 6 points
    etc. Down to 8th Triple-M 1 point
    Overall Win 10 points

  5. MCC Exeter, Land’s End and Edinburgh Trials
  6. Class Award 8 points
    1st Class Award 7 points
    2nd Class Award 6 points
    3rd Class Award 5 point
    Finisher 3 points
    Overall Win 10 points

  7. The ACTC Classic Trials, other than (c)
  8. 1st in Pre-War Class 6 points
    2nd in Pre-War Class 5 points
    etc. down to 6th in Pre-War Class 1 point
    Overall Win 8 points

  9. VSCC Exmoor, Derbyshire, Herefordshire and Scottish

  10. 1st Class Award 6 points
    2nd Class Award 4 points
    3rd Class Award 2 point
    Overall Win 8 points

    Total points will be taken from:

    Any number of MGCC Classic or Production Car Trials matched with the same number of ACTC trials. In addition, all three MCC trials will count as well as the four VSCC trials.

    In MGCC PCT’s, scores obtained on "Town & Country" or similar "grip" tyres are not eligible.

    The points score will be kept by the Competition Secretary whose decision in all matters will be final.

    Trialing is one of the few branches of Motor Sport where Triple-M cars can compete on even terms with more modern cars and it is for that reason that non-MGCC events are included in the award.

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